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Small Talk Logo: Against a white background, a cartoon silhouette of a woman in a cocktail dress. With a hand on one hip, she holds purple eyeglasses in the other. A purple speech bubble says “Small Talk.”

Cynthia SmalL
voice actor

Great conversations start with Small Talk!

In a white circle. Cynthia Small, is a middle-aged white woman with short auburn hair and bangs. She wears an eggplant-colored blouse, silver earrings and a big smile.

The source of truth. Comfortable, caring and informed.

My love of storytelling and the theater, combined with my deep appreciation of audio description, creates a natural resonance with the audience. 

I bring the knowledge and credibility they expect, with the authentic warmth they want to keep listening to.  

approachable - authoritative - compassionate - charismatic - confident - educational - polished - practical - sassy - smart - upbeat 

"Cynthia's voice-over work is first rate. She has worked on a number of different productions; she never fails to deliver and no promise goes unmet. Great for one stop shopping. She’s a real pro."

- Mike Lowe - Producer/Director


Audio Description
Children’s Books
Corporate Narration

Documentary/TV Narration
Industrial Narration
Medical Narration


"Cynthia’s professionalism and friendliness make her a breeze to work with. We can always count on her delivering quality audio, fast!"

Jen Antkowiak - Field Producer

A cartoon Cynthia poses in front of a city scape with both hands on her hips. Her red cape billows behind her.

Whether in the booth or on the stage, I bring excellence to everything I do.  

Let me bring reliability and mastery to your next project. My booth produces consistent studio-quality audio, and I can turn your recording around quickly, usually within 24 to 48 hours. I also offer script consultation if needed. 

  • AT 4040 mic

  • Scarlett 2ii2 interface

  • Twisted Wave, Movavi, Shotcut recording /editing software


"Thank you for all the great work you’ve done for us!! We realize how lucky we were to get such terrific results on such tight deadlines. Cynthia, we couldn’t have done it without you. We appreciate the extra time and effort you put in (especially when we were crunched). You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished personally, as well as for our underserved audience. Can’t wait to work together again!"
- Seth Krugliak, Founder/CEO (5 guys named Moe, inc. / SnackableVideo)

About Me

I’m a petite voice actor with a BIG personality. Practical and professional with a free spirit who likes to come out to play. 


I’ve taken the scenic route to get to where I am today, having enjoyed one husband, two children, three dogs and at least four careers on my way. 


My deep desire to do meaningful work, and my decades of real-world experiences in advertising, PR, education, theater, and debate are the foundation of my unique perspective and natural compassion and authority in my voice over work. 
My creative outlets have always centered on reading, writing and performing – including running a community theater that performs annual free Shakespeare in the Park, as well as volunteering in read-aloud programs and as a literacy tutor for kids.


When I’m not talking for a living, I love dogs, chocolate and high tea. And I can stuff a dishwasher like it’s an Olympic sport!

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